Galway Game Jam 13

Galway Game Jam 13 Poster by Tia Friedel, GreenRat

A 2-day game making event.

You and your team attempt to make a game or prototype in a super short timeframe. Open to all levels of experience from total beginner to gamedev pro. Organisers will assist team formation on the first day.

When: June, Sat 15th & Sun 16th.
Admission: €10
Theme/Limitation: TBA – Please discuss!
Start time: Sat 10:00am.
Finish time: Sun 8:00pm. (Thanks to our poll on facebook!)
Discord server:
T-shirts: “What? T-shirts?!”, you say? “Yes!” I say! Read more about this special occasion below. 😉

A theme will be announced that will serve as a focus for the gamejam. The idea is to interpret the theme and use that as a core part of your game (or at least as a starting point for your game idea!). Hopefully, having this as a focus will fuel your creativity and experimentation with core gameplay. Themes and limitations are great for your creativity – they remove the problem of having a ‘blank page’ of infinite possibility. A possibility space that has boundaries is easier for us to think about and play with, helping us to generate ideas and solutions. A theme also gives all the games from the jam a shared connection (or jam flavour!), though the games might all be different in many ways.

Some details yet to be determined. Check our facebook event page and our discord server on the lead up to the Galway Game Jam 13 for updates!

Food will not be provided, please arrange food and snacks for yourself and try to keep it healthy! The venue is centrally located, so there are plenty of options available (there is also the Saturday markets and Sunday markets!). There are some kitchen facilities available. You are permitted to eat & drink at the gamejam and are responsible for cleaning up after yourself – thank you!

Organisers and volunteers, identified by “STAFF” badges and during announcements, will be around during the event. Feel free to ask them any questions, or bring any issues to their attention. 

Awesome T-Shirts!

Our new, limited run, Galway Game Jam t-shirt will feature a design by pro illustrator and animator Tia Freidel made especially for Galway Game Jam 13.Why? Well, enough people have been asking about it! It is clearly past time to show your creative past-time game jam alter-ego to the world!

If you are interested in ordering a t-shirt please get in touch with us at to avoid disappointment.

You must agree to our Code of Conduct (see our website) in order to participate in the jam.

Our Global Game Jam ’19 Poster!

GlobalGameJam'19 at PorterShed, Galway, organised by Galway Game Jam and sponsored by Mind Cauldron, Poster by Kinley Raftery

Thanks to the wonderful Kinley Raftery for making this delightful poster for us!

We approached Kinley to make the poster because she was the natural choice.

We love the sense of friendliness and coziness that comes through Kinley’s personal style, and want our gamejam to feel just as friendly and welcoming!

Kinley is an illustrator and has taken part in a our previous Galway Game Jams making 2d art assets for games. Her art features in these games made at 1-day long Galway Game Jams:

Check out some more of Kinley’s artwork at her portfolio on behance!

Humble GameMaker Bundle: Get Pro & Export Modules for only $15!

Hey folks,

There is an incredible bargin right now for anyone getting into gamedev.

Do yourself a favour and pick it up!

If you needed some encouragement, here’s a few words from Galway game devs in a random sort of quote thing:

Benjy Bates of Hot Cereal said this when he shared it:

You don’t need me to tell you how worth the purchase this bundle is

Fair enough! Just in case you don’t know of GameMaker Studio, or that quote somehow didn’t do it for you, Kevin Lynch sums it up nicely:

For anyone who is interested in game development, but hasn’t quite started yet there’s a Humble Bundle on at the moment with keys for GameMaker Studio Pro, and modules for exporting games to the web and mobile devices. The bundle also includes the source code for a number of games that have been released on Steam and mobile devices. It’s well worth checking out, especially since you can get everything for the small sum of $15!

And sure if you don’t want it yourself it would probably be a nice gift for someone you know who dreams of making games!

Thanks for sharing 😉

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We’ve plans for another game jam in place. Our last one wasn’t so hot on numbers so this time we’re getting a little hype train going. Before we get started on the hype train we need to build the tracks.

Join us and sign up at the link below!


Let’s make the next one awesome.

Global Game Jam 2016

Hey folks!

This weekend Pulse College Galway are taking on the role of jam site for the Global Game Jam! Just like last year, thanks for putting this on guys!

Here’s the jam site list for Ireland (so far):

Pulse College Galway: [](

Griffith College: [](
Pulse College Dublin: [](

IT Carlow: [](

LIT: [](

Sign up to the game jam a site near you or visit Galway for the craic!

We love game jams so I’d like to extend my appreciation to Chris Colston and the organisers from Pulse for putting in the work to make this happen for another year.

See you there!