Global Game Jam 2022 in Galway!

Hi folks, it’s time for Global Game Jam, to largest game jam event in the world!

Join us online and make a game over a weekend! It can be a computer game, board game, card game, table top game, social game, it’s up to you!

Registration open!

Registration and details here:

Theme Reveal

Jammers (you!) will be working together in teams, or solo, to create a game inspired by a theme. Each year the theme is revealed along with a Keynote speach and discussion around game jams, game development, with tips on how to approach the challenge in a healthy way.

This year the theme has been announced by Global Game Jam in their official theme reveal stream, available here:


This years Diversifiers can be used to add extra challange/spice to your game jam effort. Global Game Jam games can be searched and filtered by the Diversifiers applied to them too, so it can help people discover your game after the jam:

Event Details

We have decided to stick to the original 48 hour format for this year.

Beginning 5pm Friday 28th of January, and ending 5pm Sunday 30th January.

The community in Galway has been running these events for the last 6 years, including online-only jams during lockdown. We will continue the tradition, and evolve as needs be!

Rules and Links

Global Game Jam Code of Conduct and reporting:

Global Game Jam rules and legal policies:

Global Game Jam FAQ:

Our local Galway Game Jam community event Code of Conduct: Code of Conduct

Our Global Game Jam ’19 Poster!

GlobalGameJam'19 at PorterShed, Galway, organised by Galway Game Jam and sponsored by Mind Cauldron, Poster by Kinley Raftery

Thanks to the wonderful Kinley Raftery for making this delightful poster for us!

We approached Kinley to make the poster because she was the natural choice.

We love the sense of friendliness and coziness that comes through Kinley’s personal style, and want our gamejam to feel just as friendly and welcoming!

Kinley is an illustrator and has taken part in a our previous Galway Game Jams making 2d art assets for games. Her art features in these games made at 1-day long Galway Game Jams:

Check out some more of Kinley’s artwork at her portfolio on behance!

Global Game Jam – Closing Times Extended!

Some folks in the game development community really wanted us to run a 48-hour event without closing times. In fact, they even volunteered to join the team in order to make it happen!

We now have the green light for a 48-hour event!

Huge thanks to the all-nighter volunteer team for taking this responsibility on board. We are all doing this out of a passion!

While the facility is now there for working into the early hours of the morning, it is perfectly okay to leave whenever you like. We would like to stress that the Global Game Jam is about collaboration and is not a competition.

Please note that we can only keep the venue open after hours while a staff member of the organiser team is on site for security and insurance reasons. Should the staff leave for any reason, they will inform you and you must also vacate the venue immediately. Please ensure you have your accommodation planned in advance of the game jam. Thank you!

Global Game Jam ’19 at PorterShed, Galway

Global Game Jam 19 Banner with Mind Cauldron and Galway Game Jam

Dates: January 25th – 27th.
Location: PorterShed, Eyre Square, Galway.
Book tickets and get more information here.

We’re teaming up with local game developer Mind Cauldron to keep our communities Global Game Jam tradition alive in Galway!

As a result, we will be running a jam-site out of the PorterShed, Galway – our favourite gamejam venue!

Global Game Jam 19 is a 48-hour game-making event with locations taking part all over the world. People participate in teams at different jam sites. We will be presenting a live stream of different jam sites, and be running a stream ourselves.

Dates: January 25th – 27th.
Location: PorterShed, Eyre Square, Galway.

Book tickets and get more information here.

Currently, the jam is limited to closing times of 11pm. However, we’re now expanding our organising team to enable us to support a 48-hour jam without closing times. If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with Darren at