Humble GameMaker Bundle: Get Pro & Export Modules for only $15!

Hey folks,

There is an incredible bargin right now for anyone getting into gamedev.

Do yourself a favour and pick it up!

If you needed some encouragement, here’s a few words from Galway game devs in a random sort of quote thing:

Benjy Bates of Hot Cereal said this when he shared it:

You don’t need me to tell you how worth the purchase this bundle is

Fair enough! Just in case you don’t know of GameMaker Studio, or that quote somehow didn’t do it for you, Kevin Lynch sums it up nicely:

For anyone who is interested in game development, but hasn’t quite started yet there’s a Humble Bundle on at the moment with keys for GameMaker Studio Pro, and modules for exporting games to the web and mobile devices. The bundle also includes the source code for a number of games that have been released on Steam and mobile devices. It’s well worth checking out, especially since you can get everything for the small sum of $15!

And sure if you don’t want it yourself it would probably be a nice gift for someone you know who dreams of making games!

Thanks for sharing 😉

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