Global Game Jam 2023 Registration Open

Hey folks! Galway Game Jam presents Global Game Jam 2023, from Portershed a Dó, Market Street, Galway!

Global Game Jam

Make some fun!

Click the link below to view the Galway jam-site details and register as a jammer.

To register, create a new user account on the website. Global Game Jam have their own policies for privacy, data and code of conduct which you agree to when registering and attending a Global Game Jam event. Please send any game jam related queries to

We are currently looking for mentors and volunteers. Get in touch with us on Discord!

You can also learn more about what Global Game Jam from their site, and ask questions on the Galway Game Jam community discord server, or indeed the Global Game Jam community discord server.

We have secured a venue and sponsors for event insurance, and are looking at getting some snacks sponsored also.

P.S. Fun fact, Galway’s jam-site has been described by Global Game Jam Regional Organiser Thom as one of the “usual suspects” for Ireland, along with IT Carlow / SETU Carlow.
This is quite a nice compliment! All the more so because we are a humble grassroots game jam community that stepped up to keep the Global Game Jam tradition going, which was first established by Pulse College staff and students in 2015 while Pulse College operated a Galway campus. Mission successful in my book, and long may it continue!

Update Jan 26

Ardán will be supporting our food and drinks for the event, in addition to providing equipment on loan. Huge shoutout to Ardán for the support!

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