Galway Game Jam 15

This two-day game jam will be taking place in Galway, a city along the Atlantic coast of Ireland, during the growing wintery darkness of November. It’s okay, we have hot beverages and donuts to keep you warm and cozy as you create weird and wonderful games!


  • Sat 23rd November
  • Sun 24th November

Admission: €10

Booking and details:

Facebook event page:

News: We may have a student film crew at the event making an observational documentary of the game jam. We have not had anything like this before at a gamejam, so before the event we will send out more information regarding this collaboration (e.g. release forms). See our discord server for further discussion and to express any concerns you may have about this so that we can address them.

Everyone is required to agree to our Code of Conduct in order to participate or attend the jam in any capacity.

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