Galway Game Jam Archive

This page is an ongoing (voluntary) project to record all Galway Game Jam games in a way that people can easily find and play them.

List of Galway Game Jams

ThemeLink to gamesEntriesTypeYear
Wild / Wild
The Old
An Epic
One Button
Ministry of Silly
Resist! (Mod: Americana)
Galway Game Jam 4(no link)Venue2015
Hidden Worlds(no link)Venue2015
GameCraft Galway(no link)Venue2014
Magnetism(no link)Venue2013
Galway Game Jams

Global Game Jams in Galway

Here’s a list of all Global Game Jams that have taken place in Galway. The tradition of the annual Global Game Jam began in Pulse College Galway campus in 2015 organised by faculty of the Pulse College game campus. With the closure of the Galway Campus in 2019, Darren Kearney of Galway Game Jam stepped up to maintain the jammy tradition with the full support of the Pulse College Galway Site Organiser, Chris Colston. Keeping the tradition going ensured Galway could retain something positive from what it had lost with the closure of the game development campus. The annual Global Game Jam tradition in Galway has survived a global pandemic and switching from venue, to online-only, to a hybrid event and continues at a steady pace with a mix of core hobbyists, professionals and first time participants.

ThemeLink to Global Game Jam jam-site pageGamesRegistered JammersTypeYear
“Lost & Found”
“What home means to you”
“What do we do now?”
Global Game Jams in Galway

List of Games made at Galway Game Jam

This is a long list, and will take a bit more time to fill out. Please forgive the incompleteness of it for the moment!

NameGame URLEventYear
Propinquity Bullet Hell
Propinquity 2022 (the one with the wizard)
Love Runner
List of game jam creations

Updated November 2022 – added Propinquity jam.
Updated December 2022 – formatting of game list heading. Added Global Game Jam listings.


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