About Us

Making games is an awesome creative endeavor. Our mission is to encourage the growth of the local game development scene. Anyone with an interest in game dev is welcome to join us at our next game jam to meet like-minded folk and make games!

The Galway Game Jam is organised, promoted and led entirely by volunteers (though renumeration would be a nice added bonus!). We volunteer our time and effort out of our passion for gamedev and doing our part to grow the local game development community. If you want to get involved too then let us know!

Our Team

Darren Kearney – @darrencearnaigh of Mind CauldronOrganiser

Alanna Kelly – @alannakelly_ie – info@galwaygamejam.comOrganiser

Jean Finley – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 2021)

Brian – @anotherocean – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 2020, Galway Game Jam 16)

Nik Kemski – Squid Monkey StudiosVolunteer (Global Game Jam 19)

Cian Rice – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 19)

Kathrine Gardener  РVolunteer (Global Game Jam 19)

Special thanks to:

Sam Redfern – @psychicsoftware of Psychic Software Goblins & GrottosCompetition Prizes, Promotion, Coordination

Paul Conway – @DoomCube of Spooky Doorway Darkside DetectiveOrganiser of previous jams.

Galway Gaming Tribes – thanks for the annoucements! Galway Gaming Tribes Facebook

Everyone at the Galway Game Developers monthly meetups.

Shoutout to everyone at 1GAM Galway! @1gamgalway

You can contact us by emailing info@galwaygamejam.com.