About Us

Making games is an awesome blend of creative endeavor and technological challenge. Creativity is produced from a synthesis of observation, interaction, reaction to our reality. Creativity comes from you. And you come from your environment. A vibrant community produces more creative outcomes, more chances to encounter new ideas and connections, more opportunities to learn and grow. And, more games!

Our mission is to support the local game development scene by providing regular game jams and events that encourage experimentation, collaboration and facilitating the game making community to connect. Anyone with an interest in making games (no matter your experience) is welcome to join our next game jam to meet like-minded folks and make games!

Galway Game Jam is organised, promoted and led entirely by volunteers.

Our Team

  • Darren Kearney – @darrencearnaigh / Mind Cauldron
    Organiser, 2015-Present
  • Alanna Kelly – @alannakelly_ie
    Organiser, Founder 2013-Present
  • Brian – @anotherocean
    Organiser, 2020 – Present
  • Jamie Gavin – @ENIGMA_Studio
    Volunteer, 2022 – Present


Galway Game Jam is supported by Ardán, who provide us with event insurance / public liability insurance.

We are often supported by PorterShed, who provide us with an modern, accessible and venue, with all manner of facilities available.

Galway Game Jam Team Alumni

  • Jean Finley – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 2021 and more!)
  • Nik Kemski – Squid Monkey StudiosVolunteer (Global Game Jam 19)
  • Cian Rice – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 19)
  • Kathrine Gardener  – Volunteer (Global Game Jam 19)
  • Sam Redfern – @psychicsoftware of Psychic Software Goblins & GrottosCompetition Prizes, Promotion, Coordination
  • Paul Conway – @DoomCube of Spooky Doorway Darkside DetectiveOrganiser of previous jams.

Special thanks to:

  • Galway Gaming Tribes – thanks for the annoucements! Galway Gaming Tribes Facebook
  • Everyone at the Galway Game Developers monthly meetups.
  • Shoutout to everyone at 1GAM Galway! @1gamgalway
  • Gabe Mullarkey, for bridging the gap between our game making community and local institutions interested in engaging with us during the Wild Galway Games Initiative project.

You can contact us by emailing info@galwaygamejam.com.

Why game jams?

We give our time and effort because we believe making games at game jams is a fantastic hobby, and want to support that hobby for many reasons. What do you get out of a game jam?

  • A personal challenge.
  • A shared sense of purpose.
  • A full cycle of the creative process, start to finish in a short time.
  • Experience in prototyping quickly.
  • A game you made yourself.
  • Informal learning.
  • Chance to engage with other like-minded people.
  • Work to a theme or constraint, and see how other people interpret the same theme or constraint.
  • Try something new.
  • Do something you know well, but under the constraints and limitations of a game jam.

Why make games? Games are the new artform of computers. It could be argued that other digital artforms such as digital painting are copies of existing artforms that use computers as tools, which give more possibilities or conveniences. Video games are different. Video games are alive. Video games respond and interact. This quality gives us a means of creative expression that is only possible inside a computer. Game jams offer us a venue in which to experiment, tinker, create or collaborate in this artform outside of your shed/office or your research laboratory.

Game jams are not without negative press – many jams have unreasonable expectations on productivity and have been accused of encouraging crunch. We address the crunch-training critique by having clear start and end times each day. Game jams, being a hobby and a personal challenge, have an effect of getting us excited to create something of your own making. We think this excitement and drive is not the same as working for someone else, and can be a very positive experience if approached with an attitude of self-care.

Games are a large part of our lives, from learning to entertainment, from time-wasting to fine art, from spending time to wind down yourself, or spending time with your friends. How games get made is often mysterious, and can feel very out of reach. We like to show people they can make small experiences, something for themselves, or even for a friend or family member.

Games provide solace, joy or a welcome escape in times of poor mental or physical health. Whatever way you have encountered games, many people want to make there own, but don’t know how or where to start. We want to do our part to support the local game development community: to give people a safe place to dip their toes into the game industry, start their game-making journey, or return to jam again and make something new.

If you want to get involved too, please reach out to an organiser on Discord or at the next jam.