Galway Game Jam 20 – “Propinquity”

Galway Game Jam Poster. Original artwork by Tia Friedel, GreenRat
Galway Game Jam Poster. Original artwork by Tia Friedel, GreenRat

Hi folks, it’s jam time again! We are going to run yet another hybrid game-making event after the success of our previous hybrid jam.

Thanks to support from Ardán and GTC for helping us put together another venue-based jam.

[Update for Day 2]
Super thanks to GameCraft (supported by Coding Grace) for sponsoring our post-jam drinks and food. This is a delightful way to wrap up the jam, giving people a chance to catch up, exchange stories and connect. This would not have be possible without the generous support from our geeky event friends at Coding Grace and GameCraft.

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Theme: Propinquity


Carve these dates out of your calendar:

  • Day 1: Saturday 5th November – 10am – 6pm
    • 10:00am Event information,
    • 10:10am Team formation
  • Day 2: Saturday 12th November – 10am – 6pm
    • 5:00pm submission deadline, short break.
    • 5:30pm  Jammer Showcase


Venue Description

For our on-premises jammers, we will be using The Cube co-working space in the Galway Technology Centre located in Mervue Business and Technology Park, Wellpark Road, Galway. Big thanks to Galway Technology Centre for supporting the jam!

Here we will have access to a well equipped space which contains desks, office chairs, power and internet and meeting booths. So, please bring your own computer/laptop and cables. 

As we did in our previous hybrid jam, we will be streaming from the venue to our Twitch channel during the event, and a large screen will showcase our virtual jammers and stream right in the space, bringing everyone together in the end. How nice!


  • Kitchen area with tea/coffee making facility
  • Accessible unisex toilets and gendered toilets.
  • Open plan event area with natural light, internet and power (please bring your own laptop/computer + cables)
  • Large screen (used for presentation/showcase and live-stream)
  • Individual sound insulated meeting booths (talk with your remote team members more easily)
  • Located near convenience stores (Apple Green on Tuam Road, Londis on Dublin Road).
  • Free car parking at venue.
  • Bus stop on route 405 nearby, with service every 20 mins.

Rules & Requirements

Code of conduct:

Covid / illness restrictions: In-person jammers, please take an Covid-19 antigen test on the morning of the jam. If your test result is positive, do not attend the venue. If you are feeling ill, do not attend the venue. You are very much welcome to participate remotely, (but take care of yourself!) see links above for remote jamming details and links.

Contact: We will provide stickers to attendees to indicate the level of contact they are happy. We are using a traffic-light system: Red = no contact. Yellow = Hand contact is okay. Green = Full contact is okay. If you are unsure, please ask! (And people can change their mind!)

Photography: If you wish to be excluded from photography please wear the black sticker provided. There will be some photography at the event for promotional use on social media and website by Galway Game Jam. 

Sponsored by GameCraft supported by Coding Grace

GameCraft, supported by Coding Grace

With additional support from

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