Global Game Jam – Closing Times Extended!

Some folks in the game development community really wanted us to run a 48-hour event without closing times. In fact, they even volunteered to join the team in order to make it happen!

We now have the green light for a 48-hour event!

Huge thanks to the all-nighter volunteer team for taking this responsibility on board. We are all doing this out of a passion!

While the facility is now there for working into the early hours of the morning, it is perfectly okay to leave whenever you like. We would like to stress that the Global Game Jam is about collaboration and is not a competition.

Please note that we can only keep the venue open after hours while a staff member of the organiser team is on site for security and insurance reasons. Should the staff leave for any reason, they will inform you and you must also vacate the venue immediately. Please ensure you have your accommodation planned in advance of the game jam. Thank you!

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