Virtual Gatherings to have the craic during Social Distancing

Hi folks,

Galway Game Jam is hosting a schedule of virtual meetups during the week.

We will be running them from our Discord server. Check the sidebar for a link, and say hi.

The schedule will be updated throughout the week, with games, times and links to game pages and downloads etc. I’ll be managing the schedule so please message me (Darren / mindcauldron) with any updates you want to make.

You can view the current state of it here:

If you would like to run a game or change a time of an activity, let us know on our Discord Server.

We will be running our Minecraft server throughout so you can hang out and bulid stuff. It is protected by a whitelist. Please message us with your Minecraft nickname/username and we will add you so you can join the server.

Take care folks!

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