Galway Game Jam 14 – 2 day gamejam

Galway Game Jam 14 poster

A 2-day game making event.

Attempt to make a game or prototype in a super short timeframe.

This game making even aims to be a creative, collaborative and welcoming event. We are open to people of all levels of experience and welcome different types of games; video games, board games, card games, table top games etc.

Organisers will assist team formation on the first day.

Games made at the event will be played by everyone at the end of the event, so people can see what everyone has been working on and get a chance to play each others games. We may assist people wishing to order food as a group at the end.

Day 1 – Sat 21th – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Day 2 – Sun 22th – 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (4pm submission time.)

Admission: €10


Theme/Limitation: TBA – Please discuss on discord/facebook!

Discord server:

We will announce the theme on Saturday morning that will serve as a focus or design pillar for your game. Themes and limitations are great for your creativity – they remove the problem of having a “blank page” of infinite possibility. Feel free to interpret the theme is your own way. Use this as a core part of your game, or at the very least a starting point for your game idea. Hopefully, this focus will serve to channel your creativity and experimentation.

Check our facebook event page and our discord server on the lead up to the Galway Game Jam 14 for updates!

We will not be providing food; please arrange food and snacks for yourself. Our venue is located in the city centre, so there are plenty of options for you to get a bite to eat. There are also the Saturday markets and Sunday markets if you are up for a short walk!

There are some kitchen facilities available. You are permitted to eat & drink at the gamejam and are responsible for cleaning up after yourself – thank you!

Organisers and volunteers, identified by “STAFF” badges and during announcements, will be around during the event. Feel free to ask them any questions and bring any issues to their attention.

Galway Game Jam 12 – 1 day jam, Sat 30th March

Galway Game Jam 12 is coming!

VenuePorterShed, Galway
Date30th March 2019
Start-End Times9am-9pm Saturday
Reserve your place
Facebook event page
Theme / Limitation<currently being discussed on Discord>

Challenge yourself to make something, learn new skills, meet people interested in game development and have fun!

This game making event will be a little different as we are planning on putting some more strict limitations in place.

Normally we select a theme that games are made around, which in general has been loosely interpreted. We have never before put a harsh limitation on the outcome of a Galway Game Jam game. This time we are considering a harsh limitation, visual or otherwise, that will create a more unifying identity to the games that are produced, and hopefully free people up through the limitation to really experiment with core gameplay.

It’s generally great for your creativity to have some limitation in place. It moves past the ‘blank page’ of infinite possibility into a possibility space that has boundaries, which is easier for us to think about with our amazing huemon brains. A theme also gives all the games from the jam a connection to each other, a shared identity from it’s source.

So, some details yet to be determined, that will be discussed on the facebook event page and our discord server over the course of the next few weeks!

This event is 12 hours long. We plan to use the final hour to showcase each others games. There will be some announcements but you will are free to come and go throughout the day and are encouraged to take regular breaks.

Food will not be provided, please arrange food and snacks for yourself. The venue is centrally located, so there are plenty of options available (there is also the Saturday market!). You are permitted to eat & drink at the gamejam and are responsible for cleaning up after yourself – thank you.

You must agree to our Code of Conduct in order to participate in the jam.