The Next Galway Game Jam

We’re already thinking about the next game jam! If you jammed at the Global Game Jam and had the craic, or missed out and want to know more, keep tuned to our site and follow us on social media for updates on our game jam, or other local jams. Galway Game Jam 5 will be… Continue reading The Next Galway Game Jam

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Global Game Jam 2016

Hey folks! This weekend Pulse College Galway are taking on the role of jam site for the Global Game Jam! Just like last year, thanks for putting this on guys! Here’s the jam site list for Ireland (so far): Galway Pulse College Galway: []( Dublin Griffith College: []( Pulse College Dublin: []( Carlow IT Carlow:… Continue reading Global Game Jam 2016

Galway Game Jam 4 #GalwayGJ4

Make a game prototype in a weekend. Join a team or work solo. Get to meet other game developers, learn stuff and make stuff. We’ll showcase your creations on our website. Bring your own laptop/game making equipment and anyone you know who likes game jams! When: Friday 9pm-11pm, Saturday 9am-11pm, Sunday 9am-5pm Where: The View… Continue reading Galway Game Jam 4 #GalwayGJ4