Galway Game Jam 5

Make a game in a weekend! This one is a 48 hour event!

Join a team or work solo. Learn stuff, meet people, make games, have fun!

**When:** 6pm Friday 1st April until 6pm Sunday 3rd of April.

**Where:** Aras na Mac Lienn (Student Societies building), NUIG

**Tickets:** €5 online or €6 at the door.

**Book tickets online here:** [](

Twitter: [@GalwayGameJam](

Our hashtag for the event is [#GalwayGameJam5]( event page: []( – online participants go here!

Facebook event page: [](


**What do I need to bring to make games?**
Bring your own laptop or any game making equipment you think you’ll need (e.g. graphics tablet, controllers etc.)

**Do I need to be an expert gamedev to participate?**
No, not at all! The gamejam is for everyone from to complete beginners to professional game devs. We will try to team up beginners with some more experienced game jammers so you can be sure to learn and have fun and have something made by the end of the event.

**Will there be food/drink at the event?**
The gamejam will provide tea & coffee. You’ll have to get your own meals and snacks.
The venue is NUIG, so you are nearby a Tesco Express and a short walk from Galway City centre.

**What about copyright / intellectual property / licences on the work I do at the game jam?**
You own everything you make. You can do whatever you want with it and attach the license of your choice. Go create!

**What about accommodation?**
Have a good plan. Staying awake for the 48 hours is not a good plan! If you are traveling from outside of Galway please organize your own accommodation for the weekend.
If you need any help ask on our Facebook event page or drop us an email.
We won’t be able to let you sleep at the venue (it is in NUIG after-all). There are some hostels in the city center like Barnacles and Kinlay house (Snoozles is booked out for the event). Mention the Galway Game Jam event. If you are staying with a friend or whatever, make sure to bring a sleeping bag & extra clothes!

**Is it for computer games or board games?**
Everything! You can use the Galway Game Jam to make any type of game.

**Can I work on a project that I’ve already started?**
Ideally the game jam is for making something new but by all means you can work on your own project. This would obviously disqualify you for any prizes.

**Can I use a game engine/library/framework/asset packs/royalty-free music etc.?**

**Can I participate with a pre-arranged team?**
Yes. As long as your team is a maximum of 5 people.

**Can I take part remotely/online?**
Yes. Join here:

**Can I still join the competition if I am an online participant?**
Yes! Submit your game by the competition guidelines here:

You don’t need to pay the ticket price to take part online/remotely AND you can submit your game for the competition.

**What prizes are there?**
Right now some small ones. We’re working on that, but with our current lack of sponsors our prizes will likely be small. We’re working on improving this, the more game jams you participate in the better the prizes will be!

**Can you eat/drink at the venue?**
Yes but we’d like you to observe some rules. Please use the bins for any rubbish you have. Please don’t eat or drink anything that smells strongly in the main game jam area. Please tidy up after yourself.

**What kind of skills would be helpful at the gamejam?**
This depends entirely on the type of game you want to make. These skills can be handy, but by no means are neccessary to join:
Game design skill, programming skill, art skills, storytelling skills, audio/music skills, organisation skills etc.
By being part of a team you can decide to work to your strengths or try something new.

**I’m a member of Compsoc NUIGalway, do I have to pay the €5 entrance fee for this event?**
Compsoc members are required to bring their Student ID with them. Once we verify your membership you can enter for free. Enjoy!

**Note to Online Participants:**
Check out forums for discussion and keep track of our twitter account for announcements.
Anyone can participate remotely for free AND take part in the competition among all entrants. Same competition guidelines apply.

If you have any questions contact us at or through our social media.

Galway Game Jam 5 is made possible thanks to Compsoc NUIGalway.

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