Post Galway Game Jam 10 Update

Huge thanks to everyone who came to Galway Game Jam 10 last weekend. As always, it’s amazing to see the imagination and creativity in the local Game Development community. The theme was “Extinction and/or Insomnia” and there were a lot of different interpretations of the theme in the entries. Most games made at the jam can be seen at our ( jam page.

We’re intending to run our next Jam in September (or possibly early October), hopefully we will be able to confirm a date and venue in the next two weeks. I’m hoping to improve the next Galway Game Jam to make it better. I’d like to run some talks on Game Development between the game jams and prepare some code and asset templates for people to use in Game Jams and make them available on GitHub for people to use, if anyone wants to help please get in touch with us on GitHub (Pull requests very welcome) or Twitter, Facebook or E-mail.

Some pictures from the day:

What was Ticket Money spent on?

We like to be transparent at Galway Game Jam!

  • Net Ticket Sale were €111.80.
  • Pizza Saturday: €120
  • Food for Weekend:  €51
  • Sanwidches Sunday: €38
  • Food Resupply Sunday: €5.29
  • 2x €5 refund because of dietary requirments: -€10
  • Venue was free.

This mean the event was overbudget by €102.49 (48%). We would prefer to  be bale to keep evens on budget in futer, but we’d rather not raise the ticket price. As a result, we have decided not to order pizza at the next event as we do not raise enough money for ticket sales to be able to afford pizza two days in a row.

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