Galway Game Jam 18 – Livestream schedule (last update 12th November)

Hi folks,

Here’s the schedule for the livestream on Saturday 13th November.

See you then!

TimeSpeakers at #GalwayGameJam 18Topic
10:00Sophia ImpetusHow to turn Concepts into Designs
11:00Dr. Sam Redfern (Psychic Software)Building your GameDev Inventory
12:00Live development followed by break
13:00Alastair Low (Lowtek Games)Accessibility and Dislectek
14:00Leela Colins ( & James BrownOrganised fun @ NIGD
15:00Jupiter HadleyMaking a good first impression
16:00Live development followed by break
17:00JammersJam progress and playtests
18:00Wrap up
Galway Game Jam 18 slow jam – week 2 livestream schedule

*All times are Irish standard time / GMT / UTC+0.


  • Update 12th – added Sophie Impetus.
  • Update 12th – added James Brown to panel with Leela Collins.
  • Update 12th – final topic titles.

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